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AFP Comments on ZangoBlackList

There’s a new web site that has hit the Net and trying to gather a bit of attention called ZangoBlacklist (I’m not going to give them a link). While they seem to be attempting to hide their true identities (e.g. Blocked Whois), they seem to be some adult (aka porn) webmasters out of Canada. The site lists “20 Worst Offenders”. By worse offenders they seem to mean web sites who buy advertising through Zango and that they “rank these properties by the volume of unique sightings”.

Unique sightings by whom? Well they say they have ZangoBlackList investigators out there continually at work. They also have a place on their site where complaints (aka Zango Advertiser sightings) can be filed with them. When I looked at their top 20 list of worst offenders, I was rather surprised and displeased to see that 15 of the 20 sites they list (that’s a whooping 75% of all their reported sites) all came from my research developed over many months time.

AffiliateFairPlay.com is making the following official statements:

AFP had no prior knowledge nor did we authorize our research to be used by or published on the ZangoBlackList web site. Indded, AFP holds the position that ZangoBlackList has violated our copyright policies. AFP is NOT a data source for ZangoBlackList. AFP does not endorse ZangoBlackList. Indeed, we have been very vocal in the past on our stance regarding blacklists, which we oppose in general. In no way did AFP make any claims that the sites listed in our research were “Worst Offenders” for advertising through Zango. In no way did AFP state that TheHomeMarketPlace bought ads through Zango directly (listed as the second worst offender for advertising through Zango by ZangoBlackList). AFP has no knowledge of the forthcoming API tool from ZangoBlackList. Nor do we have any knowledge regarding “offending tracking ids” which evidently will be part of that API. AffiliateFairPlay.com has NEVER provided affiliate ids to ZangoBlackList and we have no intentions of doing so knowingly in the future. AFP is pursuing the legal avenues available to us to have our research removed from the ZangoBlackList web site per copyright infringement laws

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