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Adware Reports

Our adware reports summarize our testing results focusing on how the applications generate revenue and whether the adware is compliant with government regulations.

AffiliateFairPlay.com does not label an adware application as “clean” or not. We do not certify software   We test specific behaviors which potentially impact on an affiliate’s or merchant’s revenue and/or traffic and behaviors that are controversial. Objective information is given so affiliates, merchants and networks can make their own informed decisions about partnerships and policies.

If you are not familiar with Affiliate FairPlay.com’s reporting, please take a moment to read our Tips For Using Our Adware Affiliate Reports.

Disclaimer: Our reports are a condensed version of our adware testing and focus on revenue generation techniques of adware applications. We make every reasonable attempt to provide accurate information, however adware applications are ever-changing. AffiliateFairPlay.com disclaims any responsibility for inaccuracies in report content. If you feel there errors in this report, please contact us with details

Available Adware Reports

DealAlert by PocketDeal
Slick Savings

Discontinued Adware Applications

To the best of our knowledge, these adware applications are no longer being distributed.

AladdinRebates (TopRebates powered)
Arthritis Foundation (Buyersport powered)
BuyIntoHope (Buyersport powered)
Care2 (applies to TopMoxie reminder software only)
CashBackBuddy (ExactAdvertising)
Ebates MoeMoneyMaker
GiveSmart (TopMoxie powered)
HelpUSA (Buyersport powered)
ImsiCashBack (TopRebates powered)
MyPoints (applies to desktop cashback reminder software only)
ShopForNYSARC (Buyersport powered)
ShopForTheTroops (Buyersport powered)
SpecialOlympics (Buyersport powered)

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