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Affiliate Salon Podcast Series

Welcome to the AFP Affiliate Salon, a place to learn about affiliate marketing while you drink a cup of coffee. Our podcasts focus on topics for both affiliates and merchants/managers, from newbies to veterans. Our goal is to provide educational information to assist the community in growing profitable businesses and to better understand our Industry. We leave the spin at the door of all our podcasts.

If you have a topic you would like AFP to cover in a podcast or you would like to be a guest, drop us a line and let us know.

Listen To Our Latest Podcast

AFP Affiliate Salon: Rise Of The Phoenix
Date: February 23, 2010

As I brush the ashes off and re-launch AffiliateFairPlay Affiliate Salon, I’m joined by guest podcaster Angel Djambazov.

In today’s show we discuss the re-launch of the podcast and new home on Geekcast.fm, the Saints SuperBowl win and an in-depth discussion of the re-emergence of contextual adware marketing (aka PPV/CPV advertising) within the affiliate channel.

Affiliate Salon Podcast Archive

The Advertising Mindset: Friend or Foe for Your Affiliate Program
Date: February 19, 2007

Andy Rodriguez, from Andy Rodriguez Consulting, will be sitting down to talk with us about how affiliate marketing is a unique channel for a company’s online marketing strategy. What impact can viewing and managing your affiliate marketing channel with an “advertising” mindset have on your program? You may be surprised!
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Keeping It Clean: Achieving High ROAS Through Affiliate Channel Integrity
Date: February 7, 2007

Angel Djambazov. Onlineshoes.com Affiliate Manager, talks candidly about growing the OLS program after removing adware partners, the impact on the ROAS of the affiliate channel and other marketing channels, educating corporate management and impact on revenue.
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