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Merchant And Adware Partnerships

Many affiliates frequently want to know if a merchant is “clean” or if a merchant allows “parasites” in their affiliate program. Affiliates are eager to have access to some type of list or system to provide them with this information. AFP receives frequent requests asking if Merchant X is partnered with parasiteware or adware. The importance of these types of relationships by a merchant varies greatly among affiliates in their decision making for establishing affiliate relationships with merchants.

For some affiliates it is the first factor they assess and is the determining factor if they will promote a merchant. Since this is an important issue to many affiliates in determining their partnership alliances, AFP developed this directory to assist affiliates in forming their business decisions. However, AFP will not be publishing any type of “clean” list of Merchants or “blacklist” of Merchants. There are a few reasons that AFP has chosen not to take this route. The first reason is there are already a few other sources available to affiliates along these lines and AFP sees no benefit in replicating or duplicating those sources. The second reason is the daunting task of keeping such lists up-to-date and accurate with the number of merchants, the growing number of adware applications and the frequency with which partnerships change.

For these reasons, AFP opted to provide affiliates with a reference list of the URL’s to the merchant directory of affiliates who use adware when such is available. AFP cautions affiliates to use this information judiciously and consider the guidelines below carefully


  • Coupons Only or No Discount listed by a merchant name generally indicates the merchant has opted out of the adware part of the program.
  • A merchant may have dropped an affiliate who uses adware from their program, but still remain listed on the web site.
  • Not all adware have such lists available. A merchant may not show on any of the lists to the left, but may still partner with other adware affiliates.
  • A merchant may not allow an adware affiliate into their program, but other affiliates in their program may advertise through the adware yielding the same end result.
  • Many affiliates using adware have multiple accounts under multiple names. A merchant may be opposed to the use of adware in their program, but not be aware they have entered their program again.
  • When in doubt, it is best to contact a merchant directly about the types of affiliates and practices they allow in their program.
  • Affiliates should consider using the information here in conjunction with the information provided by AFP in the Adware Fact Sheets.

Merchant Lists

Ebates While Ebates appears to be retiring their MoeMoneyMaker software and we are currently unable to find a download link for the software on their site, we have not removed them from our list as their TOS continue to address members use of their software.

Removed Listings

These are listing which no longer appear to be utilizing their own adware:

  • AladdinRebates
  • BoxTopsForEducation
  • BuyersPort: The Buyersport sites have gone offline following legal issues surrounding the purchase of WurldMedia web properties. Buyersport had white-labeled their charity shopping portal, along with the shopping software to the following entites:
    -Arthrits Foundation
  • CashBackBuddy
  • DonationTree
  • GiantRewards
  • GiveSmart
  • GreaterGood
  • ImsiCashBack
  • MyPoints: Discontinued their “reminder” software a few years ago. They currently provide a toolbar for members which is related to search.
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