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Tips For Using Our Adware Affiliate Reports

There affiliate reports are the result of our testing and meant to help aid you in making decisions about your affiliate partnerships.

Tips For Using The Reports

  • The date indicates when testing occurred. We try to keep information as up-to-date as possible, but affiliates can rapidly change their practices.
  • Some affiliates may have multiple active versions of their software. It is possible, but not necessarily absolute, that different versions can behavior differently. We can only verify the behavior for the version listed in our report.
  • Some software engage in the practice of “bundling” for distribution. Bundling is the practice of piggy-backing the installation within another software installation. The end-user may or may not have consented to installation of the bundled software or been given an opt out of the bundled software. Bundled installations may indicate that the end-user wasn’t actively seeking to install the software. Additionally, bundled software may use more aggressive monetization methods since they are often paying a fee for each installation.
  • An application may behave differently for specific merchants and/or networks. We can only report the overall general behavior the application exhibits and not each conditional response that may occur.
  • An application may remain “silent” (e.g. stand down) for some merchants or networks. All of the software’s partners may not necessarily be included in the software. While an affiliate may partner with a particular network, they may exclude merchants of that network from the software. When possible, we will provide the URL for the application’s “trigger list”. The trigger list is a list of the domains which will trigger the application to do some action and usually include parameters which dictate the behavior. Not all applications control the behavior in this way, but when available we will provide the list so you can search for your program(s).
  • We will provide with affiliate id’s which we have verified. However, affiliates may partner with many networks and/or in-house programs. Determining the affiliate id’s is a laborious and time-consuming task. We’ll do the best we can, but understand that just because you don’t see a network id doesn’t mean the affiliate isn’t in a network or your program.
  • You can use the site search to check if we have a report on a particular affiliate by affiliate id, name, aliases or any other information contained in our reports.
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