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Spigot Inc

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January 23, 2015



Spigot Inc.  is California company that develops, monetizes and distributes desktop and mobile applications. On the developer side, they have their own software but they will also custom develop applications for others.

Michael Levit

Micheal Levit co-founded the company in 2008 and serves as President. The identities of any other founders was not found. Levit styles himself as a “serial entrepreneur” with Spigot, Inc. being his fifth start-up. Past ventures include Vendio, PalTalk, BlueLight.com, Accenture and Dealio (a deal based adware company). He is also a Managing Partner of FoundersDen.com, a private club for entrepreneurs.

Associated Domains And IP Addresses

Domain IP Address Registar
spigot.com Spigot, Inc.
mybrowserbar.com Spigot, Inc.
mysearchprotection Spigot, Inc.
readytobuy.it BRAD GHEORGHE PFA
myemoticon.com Greentree Applications, SRL
greentreeapps.ro n/a
mydisplayimage.com Privacy
youtubedownloadersite.com Greentree Applications, SRL
flv.com Privacy
ytdinstaller.com Greentree Applications, SRL
freerip.com Greentree Applications, SRL
cd-mp3.info Greentree Applications, SRL
audio-mp3-converter.com Greentree Applications, SRL

Additional Companies/Aliases

xclusive Spigot Software

Exclusive Spigot Software

Greentree Applications, SRL appears to be either a sister company or a D/B/A (alias) for Spigot, Inc. Greentree Applications is located in Bucharest, Romania.

The Spigot, Inc web site lists FreeRIP, MyEmoticons.com and Flv.com as exclusive software titles used in the distribution side (pay-per-install) of their business. The TOS and Privacy Policy on Flv.com connects FreeRIP directly to Spigot, Inc . The other two software titles connect to Greentree Applications, SRL. Various malware security programs may label the software by either company name.

Known Affiliate ID’s

Readytobuy.it is a “deal” site hosted on the same IP Address as Spigot.com sites. Both Spigot.com, Inc and Greentree Application, SRL web sites link to Readytobuy.it via banners. Known Affiliate IDs associated with ReadyToBuy.it are:

Rakuten Affiliate Network (Linkshare) (encrypted) iGfCJA7FDjM
Amazon pdf07-20 (via VigLink)
Ebay Partner Network 5336523412

Mybrowserbar.com is a known Spigot.com, Inc controlled web site distributing third-party adware. They also have their own software which is included during installations of third-party adware at times. Known Aff ID’s are:

Ebay Partner Network 5336892434

There is one know Google Analytics ID:

UA-10942237  flv.com


Spigot, Inc uses multiple streams of revenue.

They will develop custom toolbars, extensions and mobile apps for others. It is possible that the Spigot name may show up with a particular installation, but their only role with the software is developer.

Spigot also runs a wide distribution network. Through this network, Spigot developed and controlled software bundles and installs third-party software . Spigot charges a PPI (Pay Per Install) fee to the third-party software.

Spigot also assists third-party software with monetizing their software. Spigot will integrate the revenue generating parts of Spigot’s software into an applications belonging to others. The primary revenue sources for this are search and affiliate marketing. The typical way to achieve monetization is by the sub-affiliate rev share model. At this time, I have not established whether they are monetizing through shopping comparison engines.

It seems likely that Spigot is also using affiliate links to some degree solely on their own behalf and not as part of a sub-affiliate arrangement.  It is also possible that their revenue generating technology is integrated into third-party software with the third-party using their own affiliate ids.

Using aliases, possible third-party entities and multiple affiliate accounts result in a  conflaguration that is murky at best.


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