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FTC Issues Final Consent Order Against DirectRevenue: An AFP Critiq

On June 28, 2007 the FTC issued their final consent order with regards to DirectRevenue. Since it is a twelve page government document, I realize many will probably not read through it. Since there are some important points in the decree, I’ll highlight them here. The Consent Order applies to…

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Vomba (MediaTraffic) Delisted From TRUSTe White List

MediaTraffic’s contextual adware application, Vomba, has been delisted from TRUSTe’s White List of downloadable software. According to the announcement made on TRUSTe’s blog, the delisting was at the request of MediaTraffic. It seems that MediaTraffic decided it was not cost effective to maintain their certification, especially now that their affiliate…

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What Did I Just Agree To????

In the online world, we come across terms and conditions and end-user licensing agreements all the time. We’re all busy and it’s so easy to just check the “I Agree” box and continue with our business. But there are times when TOS and EULA’s can be very enlightening. And they…

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