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WhenU: ReBranded, ReStructured, New Network and New Software

In a press release dated yesterday (July 11), WhenU announced several major changes to their business model. Here are the highlights:

  • New CEO and President, Chirag Patel
  • New Name, MeMedia
  • New Web Site, MeMedia.com
  • New Advertising Network (MeMedia) Expanding into a MultiModal Behavioral Ad Network
  • New Desktop Application, AdVantage (ok, I’m not sure if it’s really a new application or the same WhenU software with a new name…I haven’t found an actual copy of it yet)
  • Expansion of Their Global User Base
  • Expansion into Mobile Product Offering (SMS) <—WhenU, I mean MeMedia, coming to a cell phone near your —>
  • Advertising widget to allow software publishers to embed behavioral advertising in their applications
  • Web-based and Mobile Advertisng Widgets
  • Viral Video Distribution Supported by Advertisng for Desktop and Mobile

I wonder if the AdVantage software is TRUSTe certified? Regardless, it looks like the behavioral/contextual adware company formerly known as WhenU has a lot of new plans in the works. The MeMedia site doesn’t seem completely finished yet (there’s some links which aren’t linked and coming soon pages) but some very basic information can be found there. I also see several new domains registered to WhenU which aren’t live yet as well. Several of them seem related to the new AdVantage “consumer desktop application.” I’ll have to wait and see. They certainly seem ready to try and ride the wave of mobile technology and Web 2.0.

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