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ValueClick/CJ/BF Classaction Lawsuit to Proceed

It looks like a ruling was handed down yesterday on ValueClick’s motions to dismiss. From the website of the plaintiff’s attorneys: On August 27, 2007, the Honorable Florence-Marie Cooper issued two orders denying, in part, ValueClick’s Motions to Dismiss the Class Action Complaints. The Court held that Defendants failed to…

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ValueClick Responds: We Don’t Track, Advertisers Do

****Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or attorney. The following post is only my own personal interpretation and opinion of public legal documents. You should consult qualified legal professionals regarding this case. In fact, I strongly suggest that some advertisers and publishers may want to seek legal advice regarding these…

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Two Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against CJ/BF/ValueClick on Behalf of Affiliates and Merchants

Two separate class action lawsuits were filed on April 20, 2007 against Commission Junction, BeFree and ValueClick. One names CJ and BeFree publishers (affiliates) as the plaintifs. The other names CJ and BeFree merchants as the plaintiffs. So what do these lawsuits center around? Adware. The lawsuits allege breach of…

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