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A Sincere Thank-You To The Community

Golden Link Awards

I had the distinct honor of being named Most Vocal Advocate at LinkShare’s 4th Annual Golden Link Awards ceremony last night. The award was presented by last year’s receipent, Shawn Collins. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the event myself, but this in no way took away from the excitement and pleasure of winning this prestigous award. Angel Djambazov, no stranger to awards himself, graciously represented myself and AffiliateFairPlay. The other finalists for this award were Eric Ewe, Affiliate Manager for Wyndham Vacation Resorts, and Revenue, both who have shown support for my endeavors in the past. I now owe them both a couple of beers from bets we had going about who was going to win. I’ll happily pay and it really is fun to “compete” with friends.

I have received many congratulations via phone, IM, blogs, forums and just about any other form of communication you can imagine. I’m trying to make all the rounds where there have been public congratulatory posts to respond. Hopefully, I won’t miss anyone. But I wanted to take this opportunity to give a big, sincere thank-you to all who have sent me congratulations. It motivates me to work even harder and to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Many people have supported my efforts over the years (even some who may not have always liked the “news” I brought them). That support keeps me plugging along in an area that isn’t always easy and often times becomes discouraging.

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