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AffiliateFairPlay Fair Practice Award Announced

AFP presented it’s first Fair Practice Award today at the Affiliate Manager Certification Seminar III currently being held in Chicago. The AFP Fair Practice Award is a unique award within Affiliate Marketing recognizing a company or individual who has consistently engaged in activities which embody the principles of fair trade and competitive practices in affiliate marketing. The recipient of the award may be an affiliate, merchant, network, manager, industry expert, consultant or provider of services/products related to affiliate marketing. AffiliateFairPlay.com was pleased to present the first Fair Practice Award to Brian Littleton, Founder and CEO of ShareASale.com. Brian began ShareASale in early 2000. Not only is he well respected within the Industry, he iswell versed in his knowledge and understanding of Affiliate Marketing. Brian is an active participant in the online affiliate marketing community and has presented at numerous Industry Events sharing his insights and knowledge. Brian takes a very hands on approach to the operation of ShareASale. And we mean a very hands on approach. He did program the ShareASale platform himself after all. Through ShareASale, Brian represents what many feel has been lost within the Industry…a Network which is truly a trusted third party for both Merchants and Affiliates. He not only continuously seeks public feedback from his customers regarding their affiliate marketing needs and improvements to ShareASale, he then acts on the information provided. Brian has the unique gift of blending integrity andethics with solid, long-term business principles providing an opportunity for profitability for both ShareASale merchants and affiliates. It is AFP’s greathonor to not only know Brian personally, but to present him with the AFP Fair Award in recognition of all he has done for the Affiliate Marketing Industry through ShareASale. We look forward to working with ShareASale in future and watching their continued growth. We have no doubt ShareASale will continue to be positive influence within the Industry in the years to come. Congratulations and kudos to Brian and all the staff at ShareASale!

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