WTF FaceBook?

December 10, 2007 Filed under: General — Kellie AFP @ 11:33 pm

I admit I haven’t been on FaceBook for very long. When I finally took the plunge, it was somewhat grudgingly, dragging both my feet all the way.  When I went to FaceBook tonight, I was greeted with this little beauty at the top of my home page.

FaceBook (more…)

Veterans Day Tribute

November 12, 2007 Filed under: General, Affiliate Marketing — Kellie AFP @ 8:43 am

November 11 is the technical Veterans Day. Today of course is the recognized Veterans Day. I came across this recently and thought it was fitting Veterans tribute, some what related to our industry. The performer Terry Kelly also wrote the lyrics and is based on a real life event.

To all those who have served their country your sacrifices are remembered and honored today and always.

ValueClick Responds: We Don’t Track, Advertisers Do

July 27, 2007 Filed under: General — Kellie AFP @ 3:09 pm

****Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or attorney. The following post is only my own personal interpretation and opinion of public legal documents. You should consult qualified legal professionals regarding this case. In fact, I strongly suggest that some advertisers and publishers may want to seek legal advice regarding these cases. *****

While there has not seemed to be much discussion in the affiliate marketing community regarding the two class action lawsuits filed against VC/CJ/BF on behalf of merchants and affiliates, the legal process has been progressing. Of course, there wasn’t a whole lot to discuss as the only information available has been the two actual claims filed. (more…)

Who Is Senor Pescado Frito Bandito Frappucino?

July 3, 2007 Filed under: General, Affiliate Marketing — Kellie AFP @ 1:51 pm

He’s part of our industry although I don’t think he’s on the attendee list for Affiliate Summit Miami. But who exactly is the mysterious and swimmingly handsome (at least that’s what I hear although I’ve yet to actually see him) Senor Pescado Frito Bandito Frappucino? But I hear rumors he can be seen hanging out at one of affiliate marketing’s coolest businesses. And with a name like Senor Pescado Frito Bandito Frappucino you have to figure he’s on the A List and in the company of “the cool” folks.

Be the first to comment here exactly who Senor Pescado Frito Bandito Frappucino is and AFP will make a donation in your name to Pussycat Dogs Run for PAWS, a charity marathon run in October for the Chicago PAWS. Carolyn Tang from ShareASale will be running the race to save pets and the link is to her donation page.

Anyone else who is just interested in seeing Carolyn work up a good sweat, feel free to make a donation as well. It’s for a good cause. Plus Carolyn is due for a little bit of “community service work” for blowing up peeps in the microwave over the Easter holidays.

And I expect pictures of Ms. Tang crossing the finish line for posting. :)

Spyware Targets Blackberry

July 3, 2007 Filed under: General, Adware, Legal Issues — Kellie AFP @ 9:01 am

ZDNet is reporting “legal” spyware which targets Blackberry. The software is FlexiSPY and is marketed as software to catch cheating spouses, etc.

According to ZDNet the software:

Once physically installed on a mobile device, a remote user is given complete monitoring and access control.

This includes bugging voice calls, logging mobile e-mail messages and SMS, tracking the location of the user, or even remotely switching on the phone’s microphone to bug a user regardless of whether they are on a call.

I don’t see how there should be any “legal” to something which does the above…but what do I know?  

A Sincere Thank-You To The Community

June 21, 2007 Filed under: General, Affiliate Marketing — Kellie AFP @ 8:53 am

Golden Links AwardI had the distinct honor of being named Most Vocal Advocate at LinkShare’s 4th Annual Golden Link Awards ceremony last night. The award was presented by last year’s receipent, Shawn Collins. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the event myself, but this in no way took away from the excitement and pleasure of winning this prestigous award. Angel Djambazov, no stranger to awards himself, graciously represented myself and AffiliateFairPlay. The other finalists for this award were Eric Ewe, Affiliate Manager for Wyndham Vacation Resorts, and Revenue, both who have shown support for my endeavors in the past. I now owe them both a couple of beers from bets we had going about who was going to win. I’ll happily pay and it really is fun to “compete” with friends.


AffiliateFairPlay and ShareASale Partner

March 27, 2007 Filed under: General, Affiliate Marketing — Kellie AFP @ 5:22 pm is pleased to announce a new partnership with ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Network. ShareASale is a highly respected Affiliate Network with a focus of providing performance marketing solutions to small and mid-sized merchants. The new alliance between ShareASale and AffiliateFairPlay continues ShareASale’s commitment to a high standard of service to their clients and precedence of providing a quality pool of affiliates within their Network. (more…)

AFP on AffiliateSummit Preview Conference Dec 7

December 6, 2006 Filed under: General, Affiliate Marketing — Kellie AFP @ 9:38 am
AFP will be participating in a free teleseminar which is a preview of our Presentation for Affiliate Summit West 2007. The teleseminar will be held December 7th at 3 pm EST. 

You can register for this event at Register today and submit your questions for us to answer.

If you haven’t registered for AffiliateSummit West 2007, you should hurry and spots are running out. You might wind up having to buy your pass on eBay. :)

AFP Comments on ZangoBlackList

November 15, 2006 Filed under: General — Kellie AFP @ 4:59 am

There’s a new web site that has hit the Net and trying to gather a bit of attention called ZangoBlacklist (I’m not going to give them a link). While they seem to be attempting to hide their true identities (e.g. Blocked Whois), they seem to be some adult (aka porn) webmasters out of Canada.

The site lists “20 Worst Offenders”. By worse offenders they seem to mean web sites who buy advertising through Zango and that they “ranks these properties by the volume of unique sightings”. Unique sightings by whom? Well they say they have ZangoBlackList investigators out there continually at work. They also have a place on their site where complaints (aka Zango Advertiser sightings) can be filed with them.

When I looked at their top 20 list of worst offenders, I was rather surprised and displeased to see that 15 of the 20 sites they list (that’s a whooping 75% of all their reported sites) all came from my research devleoped over many months time. is making the following official statements:

AFP had no prior knowledge nor did we authorize our research to be used by or published on the ZangoBlackList web site. Indded, AFP holds the position that ZangoBlackList has violated our copyright policies.

AFP is NOT a data source for ZangoBlackList.

AFP does not endorse ZangoBlackList. Indeed, we have been very vocal in the past on our stance regarding blacklists, which we oppose in general.

In no way did AFP make any claims that the sites listed in our research were “Worst Offenders” for advertising through Zango.

In no way did AFP state that TheHomeMarketPlace bought ads through Zango directly (listed as the second worst offender for advertising through Zango by ZangoBlackList).

AFP has no knowledge of the forthcoming API tool from ZangoBlackList. Nor do we have any knowledge regarding “offending tracking ids” which evidently will be part of that API. has NEVER provided affiliate ids to ZangoBlackList and we have no intentions of doing so knowingly in the future.

AFP is pursuing the legal avenues available to us to have our research removed from the ZangoBlackList web site per copyright infringement laws.

AFP on GoodKarma Nov 3rd

October 24, 2006 Filed under: General, Adware, Affiliate Marketing — Kellie AFP @ 7:38 am

AFP will be on Greg Niland’s GoodKarma radio show Thursday November 3rd at 4 pm EST. You can tune in at webmasterradio.

It’s Q4 and those who spread around some bad karma are just as busy as those who are into good karma. You might be surprised at the current landscape of adware and online advertising. Come join us to talk about how certain issues can be impacting your ROI and profitability and hear some suggestions on what can be done to protect the integrity of your business endeavors.