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TRUSTe Unveils First Trusted Download Whitelist

TRUSTe today announced their first whitelist of download software who passed their beta certification process. Certified software on their list include: CamFrog Video Chat 3.81 (Camshare LLC) Coupon Bar 5.0 (Coupons, Inc.) Coupon Printer 3.3 (Coupons, Inc.) Crawler Toolbar 4.5.0 (Crawler LLC) Illumio 1.2.73 (Tacit Software, Inc.) MostFun 1.0 (NeoEdge) Save/SaveNow 4.0 (whenU) Vomba (Vomba Network Inc.)

TRUSTe states in the press release regarding their beta certification:

The program sponsors, representing leading content and search providers, anti-spyware vendors and online advertisers, offer market incentives for downloadable software publishers to get certified. AOL, CA, CNET Networks, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo! will use the whitelist as a tool to help make business decisions related to advertising, partnering and distributing software products. By providing a whitelist of trusted applications, the program aims to provide attractive market incentives to software publishers to meet the requirements and earn certification.

Some may remember questions raised regarding TRUSTe Privacy certification process. Carolyn Hodge then answered fourteen questions posed by Wayne Porter arising from the controversy. In her responses, Carolyn mentions the Download Certification program that was then in the works. More to come on this I’m sure.

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