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The Path of Direct Revenue in Social Media

What’s that all elusive path to direct revenue in a social media website? We found a prime example and thought we’d share it with others.

Jango is a new social music site where you can listen to your favorite music, share it with friends, rate songs…all the usual social site type of stuff. The site is in beta right now and membership is by invite only.

The CEO of Jango is Daniel Kaufman and according to their web site “was founded in New York City in November 2006 by a group of old friends from Vermont, Sweden and other music hotbeds” Daniel Kaufman? Now that sounds familiar…someone who has been around the Internet biz for a while.

Staying with the theme of social sites, Kaufman’s LinkedIn Profile gives a bit more info.

Daniel Kaufman


Oh yeah, he was one of the founders and CEO of Dash.com. Remember them? It was an AllAdvantage type of thing. Install a toolbar and get paid to watch ads while you surfed. Like all the other such companies, they went belly up. But there’s a bit of a gap in employment experience. What was Kaufman doing between January 2001 and November 2006?

Well he was busy being the co-founder and executive over at DirectRevenue. Along with his friend and co-founder from Dash, Joshua Abram. Of course DirectRevenue is now a thing of the past between the actions of the FTC and NY Attorney General. For those who may not be familiar with the illustrious histories of Kaufman and Abram’s past Internet businesses, this article from MSNBC will give you at least a look at the tip of the iceberg.

I really don’t see why the DirectRevenue days were omitted from his LinkedIn Profile. But there you have it…the path of Direct Revenue…you get the idea. I do wonder who his other “friends” are involved in this venture.

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