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AffiliateFairPlay and ShareASale Partner

AffiliateFairPlay.com is pleased to announce a new partnership with ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Network. ShareASale is a highly respected Affiliate Network with a focus of providing performance marketing solutions to small and mid-sized merchants. The new alliance between ShareASale and AffiliateFairPlay continues ShareASale’s commitment to a high standard of service to their clients and precedence of providing a quality pool of affiliates within their Network.

As part of the alliance, AffiliateFairPlay.com will be providing adjunct services to ShareASale’s own compliance efforts. Known for their proactive measures and policies to ensure traffic and sales that yield a higher ROI (return on investment) in the affiliate marketing channel for merchants, ShareASale recognizes the increasing challenges in maintaining quality and standards with emerging technologies and practices. An innovator in providing Quality Assurance measures internally within their Network and tools for their Merchants; ShareASale will now have an additional layer of protection in identifying undesirable activity efficiently and detecting new behaviors.

AffiliateFairPlay recognizes, through our extensive testing, the many practices used in online advertising not directly related to the affiliate marketing channel that affect negatively on a Merchant’s overall online marketing efforts and conversions within their affiliate marketing channel. These practices are outside of the Affiliate Network’s control and prevue of Network Quality Assurance. Additionally, many Merchants operate affiliate programs on multiple platforms. A diminished ROI of a Merchant’s overall marketing efforts occurs when undesirable practices are present from other sources. AffiliateFairPlay is pleased to be working more closely with ShareASale in assisting Merchants to achieve incremental sales and maximal profitability of their marketing efforts, not only with ShareASale, but also with their overall marketing strategy.

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