FTC Issues Final Consent Order Against DirectRevenue: An AFP Critique

July 7, 2007 Filed under: Adware, Affiliate Marketing, Legal Issues — Kellie AFP @ 6:21 am

On June 28, 2007 the FTC issued their final consent order with regards to DirectRevenue. Since it is a twelve page government document, I realize many will probably not read through it. Since there are some important points in the decree, I’ll highlight them here.

The Consent Order applies to DirectRevenue LLC, DirectHoldings LLC, the officers (Joshua Abram, Daniel Kaufman, Alan Murray, and Rodney Hook), their agents, representatives, employees or anyone directly or indirectly under the control of any of these. With regards to the officers of DirectRevenue, it applies to them as individuals and as officers of the company. This is significant in light of the historical past of parties involved with DirectRevenue being involved with other adware ventures. I take this to mean that the above entities can not go out and start up shop again, either collectively or individually, under a new company and engage in violate the following orders. (more…)