Vomba (MediaTraffic) Delisted From TRUSTe White List

June 28, 2007 Filed under: Adware, Affiliate Marketing — Kellie AFP @ 2:18 pm

Media Traffic’s contextual adware application, Vomba, has been delisted from TRUSTe’s White List of downloadable software. According to the announcement made on TRUSTe’s blog, the delisting was at the request of Media Traffic. It seems that Media Traffic decided it was not cost effective to maintain their certification, especially now that their affiliate program for Vomba installation is live. Part of the certification process involves demonstrating your distribution network is being compliant with installation methods. The TRUSTe blog also states that they were in the process of investigating how closely other companies under the same corporate umbrella were tied to Vomba and Media Traffic. Could they mean Integrated Search Technologies?